Thursday, May 6, 2010

Chapter 1 - The Golden Pendant

On a long dark subway, with dark night sky as a canopy.
D road was still n silent with not even a single soul 2 b viewed over a mile or 2.
D wind was blowing hard and made the trees shudder…n form Toronto with its dry leaves….
D place looked as if been haunted by sum catastrophe something evil something sad.
D gloomy ocean galloped d nearby vacant beach with its giant waves….as if lamenting a saga…..
The quietness of this place was enough 2 make anyone listen to their heart beat…..
In this strange lonely piece of land
I saw amidst d foggy beach…..
A sparkling white mass
A girl with a shinny golden pendent in her hand standing upright facing the ocean……
She had long silky hairs which were being blown harshly by d insensitive wind….
A fair glowing thin face embellished with well-synchronized features & was emboldened with an aromatic charm on it…
D essence of her beauty lied in her deep eyes which had a blinding spark in it and a non stammering vision….
This beautiful creation dressed in a white satin robe wore a numb and serene expression as if stupefied with a jinx …
But suddenly….. without any alarm she ran with all strength and might towards the ocean like a small girl runs back home from her school bus after her first day…..and played with the high tide as if her pram.

She halted amidst the sea and started humming the song of nature making the waves dance at her tune. The sea too had to give in to her charm.
Her confident walk over the tides was enough 2 prove it 2 b paranormal, an illusion or paranoid….
Bt 2 d beach’s horror she started walking down towards the depth of ocean as if transparent stairs were made present for her….
She dives deep into the dark blue slowly following a mystical sound, a chorus of awakening along the suspicious aura towards the crust of ocean…..
One can see the vivid colors and solace under water as if d time has cum 2 a halt.
All the anxieties have been paralyzed…senses relaxed…mind numb…
She kept walking on the crust as if strolling in her balcony…
Far ahead the paranormal figure found an old wooden box chained with numerous sea plants…..
She darted towards the tampered box and noticed an unusual lock….instead of the keyhole there was a golden dragon embossed in a circular lock and the probable key should have d same inverted dragon on a circular base…

The girl being unsure started looking for the possible trace of the only key to the strange lock. Disappointed by the effort she suddenly noticed the shiny pendant in her hand and was surprised to see an identical inverted dragon carved on its circular base shining…..

Slowly she darted towards the lock and to her astonishment the key jelled well in the socket and with a thud she heard the box unlock…

The drenched girl raised her hands and uplifted the box and her above the sea level and back to the beach. As she opened the box… it all got black.


Aarshu stood up from her sleep all sweating and amazed….
“OMG” she cried
“I m again late for my class and that to on my 16th what a start pheu” she complained

She ruffled with all her clothes and den wore a pink tee over her white pants and hurried cuddling her Pink Viao along. She forced the toast in her mouth and grunted “hey maa m leaving & BTW I saw Grandma and her pendant in my dream today…the scene was little creepy, will narrate u the story later…tata 4 now” Aarshu dashed out of home leaving her mother with a worried brow.

She was greeted at her Guitar class with a surprise celebration after which they all went to Nirulaz to enjoy a bite and sip in Delhi’s grilling heat. Hers was the coolest gang of her school and Aarshu being the brightest the boldest of all resumed the head girl of this popular and much fascinated group of gals.

Minutes became hours and the clock ticked 11past nine….Friends finally bid her bye. Walking on the lonely street about a mile Aarshu suddenly sensed a man following…her heart started thumping with suspicion and without turning she started walking briskly.

Long steps turned into frantic run and den finally disgusted with the fear of the unknown she stopped to face and heard steps approaching near her and at the very moment she turned back….She Gaped for a moment….

To her surprise there was no one besides a black cat going round and round over some shiny thing. After taking a breath of relief she walked towards the black kitten that nearly avoided her and vanished in dark. Smiling at herself she reached to pick the shiny thing and to her horror that looked like her grandma’s dragon embossed pendant. Amazed and without any thought she bagged the pendant. Over year’s Aarshu has grown up adoring d grandma’s pendant through her photographs. She had this as her childhood fantasy to posses d crafted piece of rare art and the coincidence of finding its look alike seemed very welcoming to her.

That night Aarshu unaware of the story behind D golden Pendent enjoyed a deep slumber with the pendant shining over her chest.